Great Dane Petroleum Services

Great Dane Petroleum Contractors, Inc., a full service General Contractor and Pollutant Control Contractor licensed in the State of Florida. We have recently expanded our services to the southeastern states and are licensed in Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, and Tennessee with more to follow. GDP provides complete turn-key service from initial concept to project completion and turn over to client. Upon completion of your project GDP continues to be your business partner by offering customized T.N.T Maintenance Services. Once you work with Great Dane Petroleum Contractors, Inc. you have a partner in the business, ready to offer its expertise in all aspects of Engineering, Construction and Maintenance Services.

Services Include

Pumps and Tanks
Convenience Stores
Carwash Reclaim
Site Drainage
Above / Underground Fuel Systems
Building Remodels

T.N.T. Maintenance Services

The Tech-N-Truck Program provides Maintenance Services one of our maintenance technicians will visit your facility once a month for an 8 hour period.

During the visit an extensive continuous maintenance check list shall be followed in review of the facilities current maintenance status. The Goal of this program is to maintain your equipment operational longer and in better condition to limit unnecessary additional costs.

Custom Solutions

Great Dane Petroleum Contractors is prepared to provide exceptional service in any phase of the construction process from Engineering to Maintenance. We will help you find a solution which will best fit your needs!

Simplify It!

By using Great Dane Petroleum Contractors, Inc for all of your Petroleum servicing needs you eliminate a great number of headaches with one company’s complete menu of services. Our team can provide services ranging from Petroleum Engineering to Project Coordination to Petroleum Construction and Maintenance.

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